Americans All Project


Land of Many Colors

From wagon trains to aero-planes and spaceships to the moon,
forever marching
forward to our Yankee-Doodle tune.

We are a land of many colors…red and yellow, black and white,
forever marching
forward ever searching for what’s right.

We have come from many countries, travelled far across the seas.
Leaving friends and loved ones…seeking only to be free.

Free to live, Free to worship, Free to go or Free to stay…
living, working all as brothers in this great land… the USA.

We must always pull together, bend an ear to freedom’s call.
For united we can conquer but divided we will fall.

RC Staats

/ Author

Mission Statement

The American’s All Project vision and goal is to provide insight into and information related to issues regarding mental illness. In addition, the Project is dedicated to the pursuit of a dream…”American’s All, same hopes…same dreams, just a shade difference”.