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Sister Gail Reed-West is the CEO of Girlfriend of a Gangbanger, Inc. (G.O.A.G.) Ministry Movement. Ms. Reed-West has overseen women’s ministries throughout California and worked as a Social Worker for Riverside County.

She accepted the call to salvation in 1984. She studied Prophetic Enlightenment at Bible Enrichment International Fellowship in Inglewood, California. She is the mother of four children.

She received a vision in 2010 during a gospel talent show at the Los Angeles Staples Center. The vision indicated that God would answer the cries of spiritual, physical, and emotional pain of generations of prayers and petitions.

The Kingdom of God has been plagued by all manners of diabolical evils.

She is an Author who graduated with Honors in 1991 Phillips College of Northridge,Ca. She's currently promoting her books.

Girlfriend of A Gangbbanger and 90 day stoke out.

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G.O.A.G Partnerships

Girlfriend of a Gangbanger, Inc. works together with non-profit organizations, private agencies, and government agencies. These groups are dedicated to bringing about real change in people’s lives and in America.

Listed below are some of the non-profit organizations that G.O.A.G. networks with:

Rock the Classroom

The Joseph Group

Community Reflection

West Athens Task Force

Turning Point

The true reality of the human condition is kindness. America is a free country for all. God will bring healing and deliverance to those who are suffering from violence.

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God Has Heard Our Cry
Of Pain And He Will Answer

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