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God's Confession
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The purpose, the task, the mission

To Live. To Learn. To Teach. To remember to Give.

The Church of
God's Confession
you learn

1. Who God is
2. Where God comes from
3. What God does
4. Who you are
5. What it means


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Prayer of the

Immortal Soul

Out of nothing unmade I am I am the being. I am all that is. I laugh. I am all that is not. I am unbeing.

I am born. I die. I hurt.
I weep.
I am born again at the edge of being.
I laugh as I become an Other.
I am I Am. I dance at the edge of being.
I learn to dance.
I learn to go where I am not
when I am not I Am.
I dream what is and make myself.
Agony is ecstasy as I learn to dream.
I learn to see what I do not and feel what I do not.
I listen to the sound I make not.
I look not and smell the danger.
The dance I dream will be.
I will dream a dream of laughter as I dream a dance of love.
I will unmake myself and be another.
I laugh.


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